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FINE ART AMERICA is an online store that features Artists from all over the world. You can purchase museum quality prints framed or on canvas, metal, acrylic, and greeting cards. Marino is exhibiting a collection that FAA will frame to client specifications. These prints are unsigned and are therfore BARGAIN PRICED.

Marino's Fine Art America Profile:

The following examples below are from Marino's "PRIVATE COLLECTION" and are all hand made and signed by the artist. They have been in numerous exhibits.

VINTAGE POSTER: This unusual Marino Colmano vintage poster is from 1971 San Francisco. It has been published in The British Journal of Photography Annual, OUI Magazine and Avant Garde among many others. Original printing was 1000 posters. The first 650 were unsigned and sold. The remaining 350 are now a numbered, signed limited edition. Full size poster 23"X29" card stock.

Available now for $200 (signed-unframed) plus shipping.

Lechena Bike This nostalgic image from a village of Lechena in Greece is one of Marino's favorities and can be purchased from his private collection. It is one example of the myriad framed fine art images available. Email inquires about how to purchase your favorite images from this site.

Available now for $1000 includes shipping in the USA
(signed-framed dimensions 21"X44").

Bologna Bike This nostalgic image from a from Bologna Italy in 1972, is one of Marino's top favorities. Email inquires about how to purchase your favorite images from this site. Any of Marino's images can be custom ordered.

Available now for $500 includes shipping in the USA.
(signed-framed dimensions 16"X20").

Sunken Treasure This is a sunken boat in the harbor of Agrostoli on the island of Keffalonia, Greece 2003. Email inquires about how to purchase your favorite images from this site.

Available now for $500 includes shipping in the USA.
(signed-framed dimensions 22"X28").

ART OF LIVING is a DVD collection of Marino's creative efforts spanning 40 years of artistic expression. While archiving and cataloging his best images, Marino discovered a way to present them in an entertaining and thought-provoking manner. Pristine images coupled with distinctive original compositions by renowned composers are creatively designed to take the viewer on a heartfelt journey. Four chapters running twenty-five minutes in length. See more info at the ART OF LIVING page.

DVD available for $35 plus Shipping.

THE ARENA is a one-of-a-kind rare and exclusive collection of still photographs shot inside San Quentin Prison all expertly married with dialogue by the inmates and guards. In their own words we experience the full spectrum of emotions these men face each day. Highlights include an exclusive and intimate revelation by Ulis Powell, the subject of the book and movie "The Onion Field," and an unusually gruesome Gas Chamber story told by a guard. 15 minutes.

DVD available for $25 plus Shipping.

RESERVOIRS OF STRENGTH, is a feature documentary about the strength of the human spirit and the effect of love on the recovery of people who have been severely burned. It has been broadcast in four countries internationally and received TEN AWARDS including a GOLD APPLE, a GOLD CINDY and a SILVER AWARD from the Houston International Film Festival and Finalist in The Media Access Awards. Fifty-seven minutes in length.

DVD available for $35 plus Shipping.

END OF THE RAINBOW is a bittersweet musical drama set in London and stars celebrated jazz musician RAY PIZZI. It was distributed theatrically by 20TH Century Fox and received SIX FIRST PLACE International Film Festival Awards including MANNHEIM GERMANY, CHICAGO AND CRACOW POLAND. It opened to rave reviews by The Hollywood Reporter and has been cablecast by Showtime, The Movie Channel, A&E and by networks in nine foreign countires. Fifteen minutes.

DVD available for $25 plus Shipping.

STRAIGHT TIME: HE WROTE IT FOR CRIMINALS is an AWARD WINNING documentary about the making of Straight Time, a Dustin Hoffman feature. When the video team first met the author, Eddie Bunker, he was being held at Terminal Island, California. Subsequently paroled, he became a regular fixture on the set as Hoffman's right hand man, consultant and bit player. With Bunker were several ex-convicts -- bank robbers -- upon whom Hoffman relied for verisimilitude during the movie's bank robbery sequences. This Director's Cut comes with a bonus behind the scenes FotoMovie. Twenty-three minutes.

DVD available for $25 plus Shipping.

DOIN' TIME WITH JESUS is an revealing half-hour documentary special shot entirely inside San Quentin Prison. Advertised around the prison as a "Jesus Celebration," the event on the lower exercise yard featured Pat Boone, National Champion Wrestlers, gospel and jazz musicians and testimonials by convicts and former convicts who had been "saved." 27 minutes. AWARD WINNER.

DVD available for $25 plus Shipping.

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