Award-winning producer and media specialist Marino Colmano provides an eclectic and unusual design look for your promotional web pages. From traditional to out of the box, Marino creates movies and/or edits sample reels, shoots portfolios and designs the pages they occupy. Naturally this Lucid Media site you are visiting is his creation.

A portion of Marino's designs are displayed below.



I first met Marino ten years ago when he was an active director/cinematographer in Hollywood. Since then, he has also added to his bag of skills, that of an incredible web designer. When it came time recently for me to have my site built, I gave him a call. There is nobody on the planet that I would have considered to accomplish this very important task for me. I knew that I would end up with a stellar product and I did. Cookie cutter sites for his clients, could never even enter into his vocabulary. Custom, custom and more custom is his mantra!

I now have a site that I'm proud to offer out to the public and to the trade, as a professional fine artist and designer.

Thanks Marino for such great hands on and special attention to detail. If you are on the fence about spending the time and resources to have Marino build your site for you ? I would say, "jump off and get going!"


Anika is an 19 year old aspiring talent who decided to invest in her future with a full on out-of-the-box portofolio and website.

I produce Ads for local retailers and working with Anika was a totally joyous experience. She has a tremendous spirit and resources of emotion beyond her years. She arrives on set with professional attitude and very sweet personality.


Design and Creation of Custom Works Of Art; Supplier of Fine Diamonds & Gemstones; Commercial Logos made into jewelry items; Heirlooms remodled for the whole family; Teacher & Mentor; and Jewelry Classes.

This site demanded extensive and excellent fashion and close up jewelry photography.


Robert also commissioned a site to promote his acting career for which I created all the porfolio shots as well and incorporated them in a carousel style slide show.

MOBILE BRANDBAND REVOLUTION ...Our mission is to encourage the study, analysis and discussion of the impact of mobile broadband technology upon our society.


There is a tipping point in artistic endeavors somewhere between mediocre and fabulous. If you are willing to accept mediocre for your project, the world is rife with amateurs who can oblige you. If you want fabulous then you must find someone with the gifted eye and the perfect sensibility to create something unique and outstanding. Marino Colmano is that tipping point for artistic projects. His keen eye, his natural talent, and years of experience will take the elements of your project and bring them together in truly powerful ways. Turn a snowball over to Marino Colmano and he will beautifully recast it in a way that can bring an avalanche of success to your endeavor. - David S.

STEEL PEARLS ...Retail sales of stainless steel bracelets.

Seeing the product in use is better that a lot of sales talk, so I set up three photo sessions to showcase the Steel Pearls. The resultant images are a stunning presentation as a continuos slide show.


I still can't believe that I can afford to have somebody this good work on my website. Each time that I've met with Marino, he has amazed me with what he created from our previous conversation. Marino realized exactly what I had only vaguely imagined. He patiently drew out from me what he then crafted--far beyond the scope of what I had thought possible on my limited budget. I began this process with a lot of limitation and doubt, having worked with two web-designers before. Very quickly, each of these fears were laid aside, as he allowed me to select from the images he had meticulously created. Marino is a talented and gentle craftsman--I look forward to expanding this website with him, and highly recommend his services to anyone. No matter how vague your idea is, Marino can make it happen. - Thank you for your patience and vision... Philip

HARPHUGGER ...The "HarpHugger for Stand" is a new innovative device designed to hold a diatonic harmonica in playing position while leaving hands free to play another instrument. The "HarpHugger for Violin" is so unique, you just have to try it to appreciate the possibilities.

The challenges in this site were to create a promo movie to actually show the HarpHugger in action. The filming utilized three camers. Five complete songs were recorded multiple times. It was done at Dave Fason Studio in Floyd, VA. Then product photographs were also completed with appropriate PayPal buttons. We also uploaded a high-def version of the promo to YouTube.


Hi Marino... I thought it time to let you know how much I appreciate the website work you did for me. I hired you primarily for your artistic sensibilities and attention to detail. Your commitment to artistry was reflected in the many hours spent pursuing and giving shape to what started out as my abstract ideas. From the excellent video work edited down gracefully to the handsome still photos to the entire website presentation -- you gave a form of which I am very proud of. It has been over a year and I have no regrets. My website has indeed paid for itself and I hope to hire you again as I unveil the next generation of HarpHuggers.

Thanks a million! - Michael Kovick


After taking a 5 year sabbatical from my acting career I chose Marino because I heard that he had resettled in my hometown (Blacksburg, VA) after spending 30 years producing and directing in Los Angeles. I had met Marino earlier socially but did not know of his expertise in helping actors with their portfolio. I explained to him that there was a movie coming to the area that I wanted to audition for but was not prepared. I needed a knew portfolio ASAP. He treated me like a long lost friend and seemed to drop everything and jump into what I needed without hesitation. He seemed to know what I wanted to portray to the industry without hardly knowing me. He responded in the settings for the headshots to my need to show a variety of characters. He knew how to draw the look I wanted out of me. His enthusiasm and excitement while shooting help me get the look I wanted.

A week later I had a new reel, head shot, resume and a website and felt like a professional actor again. I have already received a call for a Civil War period piece and expect to get great results from the time and care that Marino took with me to make sure everything was just right. Thanks Marino - Doug Chancey

SHADOWCHASE FARM ...focuses on naturally raising grass-finished beef and pork. Free of growth hormones and preventative antibiotics, our exceptional product is offered for direct marketing to the public.

My client was insistent that his website showcase the sheer magnificence of his huge farm by capturing glorious photographs of the light and lushness of the land his animals graze on.


Marino’s work is simply “the best.” I met Marino at the Blacksburg Farmers Market as a customer. I wanted to redo my booth display at the market, and also wanted to upgrade my website. Marino was very diplomatic in persuading me that my website didn’t need upgrading, it needed to be redone from scratch. He was correct. If you saw it before and after you would understand. Marino came to the farm on a day in the proper season, at the right time of day and proceeded to take some of the best pictures that far exceeded my expectations. My farm does not always look as good as my website does. I wanted to use a few pictures from my old website, but when Marino (again very diplomatically) displayed them next to his photos, I could see that they needed to by scrapped. Marino’s knowledge of website design is quite impressive as well. He presented options to me that I didn’t know were available. His patience and diligence resulted in a website that not only far exceeded my expectations but has brought feedback from customers that I have never heard before. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well Marino’s pictures are worth many thousand words. To top it off Marino designed new business cards for me, and provided computerized artwork for the printer who redid my signage at the Farmers Market. When I set up with my new booth display, other vendors would approach my booth and say “Wow, who did that!” I would point to the bottom corner of the sign and reply, Marino Colmano. You better hire him while he’s still available. Marino can do it all, and when he does it, it will be right and you will be satisfied. As proof, visit my website and see his work. - Phil Moser

CERITANO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT is Blacksburg's finest authentic Italian cusine. The owner Nino wanted to showcase his brick oven, so I used a photo I took the first time I visited the restaurant for the home page. Nino had taken some home video on his cell phone and I edited them into usable movies to illustrate the food preparation and some parties that take place there.
Chicken Lounger ... is a portable predator-proof backyard coop made with a lightweight welded steel frame. It is a culmination of more than 5 years of design, prototyping and testing.

My client was clear he wanted to showcase the mobility and sturdiness of his unique product. my challenge was to ultilize my clients photographs in an instructional manner. I ordered his menu/pages to include all the details my client was offering about the design and function of his coop.

Victoria A. Winters ...I met Victoria when she was just 18, and totally new to modeling. I hired her for a series of local fashion related ads, because she is a truly captivating and rare creature in front of the camera and refreshingly professional as well. A few years later Victoria wnated a boudair portofolio to submit to Playboy. When they saw the images they immediately flew her to Hollywood, and Victoria has been featured in several Cybergirl features/videos.


Marino's experience working on movie sets has enhanced his ability to give direction and bring to life even simple ideas with pronounced distinction. His innovative work is also a reflection of his prestigious professionalism. He makes sure that there is a clear understanding of the concept of the shoot. If there are any questions he answers them with honesty and respect, which in my opinion builds his credibility even more. His pictures also reflect the amount of energy he puts into making each picture extraordinary, which is something that instantly enhances one’s portfolio. I had decided to contract Marino to do my website because he has experience creating and maintaining websites, including the ones for his own business. Since the website has been published I have received many views and inquiries about possible jobs. We decided to do a nude photo-shoot and I was so happy with the way that they turned out that I decided to submit them to Playboy for a possible interview/casting. Shortly after, I received a call back for an interview and then a test shoot to be a playmate and a pictorial session that is already online. I truly believe that if wasn't for his talented work the likeliness that I would have been interviewed would have been decreased. It has been an honor and pleasure to not only work with him but to also learn from him and expand my knowledge of the modeling industry. Thanks so much. - Victoria - See her at

HARMONY ORGANICS our own family run business featuring the very best of hard to get organic products for garden and farm use, as well as animal feed, a Healthy Pantry, Apothecary, Superfoods and Tonics.

This is a site I manage on a weekly or monthly basis as needed. There are always new photos and catolog update to upload. It is designed to allow easy swapping of images and new information and products.

The site has helped us promote the business as well as provide clients an easy access to our listing of over 250 products and their current prices.

LIFEGIVING the sister affiliate of our family run business. It compliments and enhances Harmony Organics by providing a wealth of information focused on responsible lifestyle choices, about thought as creation, and everything and everyone as connected.

The wellness of the physical, be it one body or the planet, is dependent on the respectful stewardship of one's mind transformed into action.

Change your thoughts, change your body, change the world. There is no magic pill. There is the conscious doer.

View the many gallies of art photography that can be purchased. MARINO - FOTOS & BIOGRAPHY HOMEPAGE