This unusual vintage poster is from 1971 San Francisco. It has been published in
The British Journal of Photography Annual, OUI Magazine and Avant Garde among others.

Original printing was 1000 posters. The first 650 were unsigned and sold.
The remaining 350 is now a numbered, signed limited edition. Full size poster 23"X29" card stock.

It is one of those spontaneous moments that rarely happen to anyone. I was a passenger in a passing car turning a corner when I was intrigued by a lady walking up the street holding her coat shut. Her provocative manner lead me to believe there was something being hidden. I shot a frame as she moved in close to her friends. Then she turned and said, "Let's really give him a show." The one in the middle said, "I'm getting out of here," and proceeded across frame revealing her child. Then suddenly the temptress flashed me. I instantly fired my third shot and our car turned the corner. It was all over. Until a week later, after showing her photos to all the strip club managers like a private investigator, I finally found her dancing at the El Cid. She was very excited by the photos explaining she was on a cigarette break and couldn't be bothered to get dressed. But she never imagined I'd track her down and she would see the results of her shenanigans.

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