In four decades of photographing beautiful women I’m blessed to have found Tori, one of the best ever. She is a truly captivating and rare creature in front of the camera. It starts with her professionalism. She always arrives on time, hair and face clean, ready for whatever transformation is necessary, and continues throughout the session, as she brings forth emotional content and chamelean like expressions, that make working with her a complete pleasure. Tori not only understands a photographer's need to experiment but she adds her unique nuances. She is more than a pretty face and extraordinary body, Tori is a major contender in this mad-rush world of constant need for new talent. A true Goddess!... Marino Colmano, Lucid Media

I was amazed when I first saw Tori model at a runway show at The W Hotel in DC. She looked gorgeous, her body is in incredible shape and she had a great walk. The crowd was pleased too. It was fortunate that I was able to do a photo shoot with her as she was dressed like American Girl Tori for a daytime look and a very elegant lady for an evening look. Tori was timely and easy to work with and modeled well with me throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Tori adapted well to the vision, the clothing and environment used for the shoot. She complemented my directions during shooting by adding character, excellent posing and expressions. She is a fresh and wonderful face in the world of modeling and wish her all the best in her future endeavors... Vithaya Phongsavan, Vithaya Photography

Tori is a pleasure to work with. She always comes to a photo shoot with a smile on her face and full of energy. She is willing to try many different poses and explore artistic concepts. She is fully comfortable with her body, which greatly helped during a full body airbrush makeup application. The full process took over 7 hours, but with her patience and discipline, the project felt easy and enjoyable with great results. Tori has a great body and understands proper posing allowing for great angles and compositions which helps to create strong visual imagery. I would recommend her for a variety of photo shoots... Kelly Coleman Make-Up

Tori personifies professionalism through her experienced, motivated and technically sound approach to her modeling.  My experience with Tori started after her response to my inquiry about pulling together a shoot to augment my bridal portrait portfolio.  Tori responded promptly, professionally and thoughtfully and continued to do so through the engagement process.  Tori contributed significantly to the results of our shoot by working closely with hair and makeup professionals and she helped my business by providing contact with these professionals.  On the day of the shoot Tori communicated with me to keep me informed as to her arrival time from hair and makeup and she arrived on time and ready to work.  Tori has a bubbly personality and is full of energy.  Tori and I were achieving solid results within minutes of her stepping in front of my lens.   Her posing skills, flexibility and willingness to adapt all helped achieved the results I was looking for.  Tori is a real beauty with a soft complexion, a beautiful smile and a wonderful structure.  From initial contact all the way to the shoot I knew that Tori was committed to helping my business by achieving results - I will definitely work with her again... Richard Shumaker Photography

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Marino Colmano's Lucid Media: In the short time that I have been modeling I was given the opportunity to work with a creditable and amazing photographer, Marino Colmano. His experience working on movie sets has enhanced his ability to give direction and bring to life even simple ideas with pronounced distinction. His innovative work is also a reflection of his prestigious professionalism. He makes sure that there is a clear understanding of the concept of the shoot. If there are any questions he answers them with honesty and respect, which in my opinion builds his credibility even more. He is not only on time but prepared in advance with only minor adjustments to be made, maximizing the amount of time available to capture the perfect shot. His pictures also reflect the amount of energy he puts into making the each picture extraordinary, which is something that instantly enhances one’s portfolio. While working with Marino I was comfortable and confident that the end result would be nothing short of my expectations. It has been an honor and pleasure to not only work with him but to also learn from him and expand my knowledge of the modeling industry.

Kelley Coleman Make-Up: I met Kelley after roughly a year of modeling and after the first time she finished my make-up I knew she was very talented. I have worked with her on numerous projects including decade themed shoots from the 20s 40s and 60s. She was extremely knowledgeable about each decade with exact detail. We have also collaborated together on a body paint project. She had patiently painted an entire outfit on my naked body for roughly six hours straight and without any flaws. Kelley takes her artistic abilities and applies them not only to make-up and paint but to hair as well. She has transformed my hair into beautiful masterpieces that has enhanced my photos tremendously. She is very knowledgeable about what she does which credits her professionalism. She is on time, prepared in advanced and ready to bring to life any idea with her creativity.