TOUCHING THE SOUL is a heartfelt tribute to Choir Director Mike Brewster. Director's Short Version - 30 minutes.


The West Morris High School Concert Choir of Chester, NJ had not seen each other or sung together for nearly 45 years. Choir Director Mike Brewster and 40 Concert choir members came together in July 2015, many having traveled 2000 miles or more,to attend the musical event. Having rehearsed for less than a day, their joyous reunion in the music, culminates in an outstanding concert performance. >Available on DVD Disc for $15.00. Just click the PayPal Button below.

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Optimal Health by Dr. Randy Martin

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Lucid Media develops and produces the highest quality motion pictures and their related products, for theatrical and television distribution. Movies of the Week, Television Series, and Specials. Commercials, Promotionals, PSAs, Health Education and Motovational Films and Videos, Documentaries & Episodic Documentaries, Short Subjects, and other forms of film making, videotaping, photography, artwork, and soundtrack recordings are all part of LUCID's repertoire.

The production company owned by Marino Colmano, an independent Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Still Photographer, and Writer has four plus decades of experience in film, video and multi-media. Marino has produced numerous live action productions for Universal Pictures, MCA-TV, Warner Bros., Castle Rock, TriStar, MGM, DISNEY, and Twentieth Century Fox, and is the recipient of 33 International Film Festival Awards, and two Telly Awards. Since relocating to Blacksburg from Los Angeles in 2009, Marino continues producing movies, art photography, portfolios, website design and other media creations.


Winner of an Award of Merit and a Humanitarian Award Honorable Mention at the Best Shorts Competition in La Jolla, CA, along with a Semi-Finalist Award at the Hollywood Screenings.


is a 47 minute documentary dedicated to one County in West Virginia that is outspoken in their fight against the Pipelines. A soulful story, told with passion. Purchase DVDs for $10.00. Click below.

Blu-Ray Discs of "MONROE SPEAKS!" short and "SACRIFICIAL RESOURCE ZONE" feature are in our ONLINE STORE.


This Award Winning Theatrical Feature Film is available on Blu-ray & DVD Disc.

Recipient of an Award of Excellence from Impact DOCS Film Festival in La Jolla, CA, a Semi-Finalist Award at the Los Angeles CineFest, Nominated for Best Documentary at the Paris Play Film Festival and included at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, and the Roma Cinema DOC.

In late 2016, we completed the 98 minute feature documentary "PIPELINE FIGHTERS" featuring Jane Kleeb the XL pipeline killer, and Lorne Stockman of Oil Change International, a watch dog group, and Mekasi Camp-Horinek, a protest coordinator for Standing Rock in N.D. View trailer below. View trailer below.

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is a heartfelt journey across West Virginia, as the people speak out about the raping of their state's fossil fuel for 155 years. Now the battle is to stop multiple proposed Pipelines. This two part feature film also includes "MONROE SPEAKS!"

Purchase DVDs for $20.00. Click below.

Blu-Ray Discs of "MONROE SPEAKS!" short and "SACRIFICIAL RESOURCE ZONE" feature are in our ONLINE STORE.

One of Colmano's proudest achievements is RESERVOIRS OF STRENGTH... An hour long documentary about the strength of the human spirit and the effect of love on the recovery of people who have been burned. Recipient of Ten Awards including a Gold Cindy Award, Gold Apple Award, Silver Award at the Houston International Film Festival. and a Certificate of Merit from the Chicago International Film Festival. Broadcast by KCET(PBS) and three networks in Canada, two in England, and one in Ireland.

Marino Colmano has also produced mumerous live action productions for Universal Pictures, MCA-TV, Warner Bros., Castle Rock, TriStar, MGM, DISNEY, and Twentieth Century Fox which have included national commercials promoting SNATCH, RETURN TO ME, OCTOBER SKY, WATER WORLD, JUNIOR, CARLITO'S WAY, SCENT OF A WOMAN, LORENZO'S OIL, DANCES WITH WOLVES, MR. BASEBALL and BACKDRAFT, to name but a few.

Television Shows such as LAST CALL (Brandon Tartikoff's late night talk show for MCA-TV), THE GORDON ELLIOTT SHOW, M*A*S*H, THE BERTICE BERRY SHOW, THE SIMPSONS, THE CHEVY CHASE SHOW, SMALL WONDER, BATMAN-The Series, and STUDS have all been successfully promoted by Marino.

Colmano line produced and directed the photography of the inspirational film HEAR NO EVIL for the National Conference of Christians & Jews featuring Angela Lansbury as the spokeswoman. In 2005-6, Colmano produced an HD marriage wellness program featuring online video exercises for marriage counseling for Colmano produced on several occasions, National TV spots for Market Masters Legal featuring William Shatner and Eric Estrada.


Marino is available as a consultant in the creation of treatments, screenplays, development proposals, breakdowns, budgets, and fully developed business plans.

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