STAINED GLASS MASTERS: Heaton, Butler, and Bayne

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An extraordinary tour through the grand personalities of Victorian England's three glass master wiz kids, misters Heaton, Butler, and Bayne. Stained glass achieved its greatest moments at the hands of this prolific trio whose talent emerged in 1860 as London's foremost glass design team. Each individual had his own skills; each was the total master of those skills but only together could they rule stained glass -- that culminated in the design and manufacture of the world's greatest stained glass masterpieces. This rare documentary is an explosive chronicle presenting the beginnings of the giant stained glass firm through until its very last days some ninety years later.

The film's perceptive, enthusiastic commentary is further brought to life with impeccable cinematography. If one word could describe STAINED GLASS MASTERS that one word would be -- Gorgeous!

The mid-eighteen hundreds saw some 80,000 stained glass windows created in one of the greatest art booms in history. Drawing insoiration from the pre-Raphaelite painter's love of nature, vibrant colors, and devoted attention to detail, Heaton, Butler, and Bayne strove to enthrall their countrymen with "the beauty of the glass." and were in the vanguard of a movement that swept across Europe. This is a story of great beauty, and a gallop through history. Featuring in depth interviews with Martin Harrison, Peter Cormack, Peter, Gibson, Clive Wainwright, Philippa Martin, Thomas Venturella, Art Femenalla, James Cheshire, Chris Brooks, and Walter Judson, with interviews at British Society of Master Glass Painters, Museum of London, Victoria & Albert Museum, William Morris Gallery, John Hardman Studios, Goddard & Gibbs.

Both Video & Film elements in Color/B&W, 59 minutes.

Celebrated Seattle avant-garde documentary filmmaker Karl Krogsad, was inspired to make this film by a chance meeting with Simone Bayne in France. The charismatic filmmaker is best known to Seattle residents as the only motion picture director ever sued by the City of Seattle for postering. With a year battling the criminal court system finally the judges dropped all charges against Mr. Krogstad stating that the city's claim was frivolous. Since then filmmaker Krogstad has made four films keeping himself out of jail by not postering public buildings with the hundreds of giant sized advertisements known as his calling card. Krogstad's publicity is unusual. So are his films. Thought by many to be the leader of independent filmmaking in the Northwest, Mr. Krogstad can boast of producing more than 50 films, having won awards in almost every major film festival in the world.

The Gothic revival styles and influence of prolific British stained glass artisans Clement Heaton, James Butler, and Robert T. Bayne are enthusiastically and perceptively chronicled in this rousing overview. Voice-over narration and on-camera commentary by stained-glass artisans and historians are underscored by powerful period music and stunning visuals that almost seem to leap from the screen. The technique of stained-glass painting ("painting your light source") is graphically illustrated through archival photographs and vintage footage that provides background history and showcases the beautiful stained-glass windows, which are bathed in light. Viewers will be mesmerized by the artistic details and fantastic us

e of colors. Although of obvious British slant, this program is highly recommended for public libraries and college art and architecture classes. -- James Scholtz, Booklist, Dec. 2000.

Recommended for artists, art historians, collectors, movie buffs, all teaching facilities and personal home video collections.

Available on DVD with companion piece SURREALISM - A Krogstad two for one special. - $35.


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