ART IS FOREVER - Nostalgic photojournalism at it's finest!
FotoMovies are perfect collectors items and wonderful gifts that would bring lasting enjoyment to anyone.

TESTIMONIALS: HELLENIC LIFE is a joyful, majestic, slice of your deeply felt connection with life. Caught myself smiling broadly/fully at/with your exquisite "moments." You have such a finely-tuned sense of the richness in the thin slices of time. Stamatis Spanoudakis' music and your images simply WORK together to capture the spirit(s) of the land! ...Stan Friedman

Your work is so wonderful, exciting, interesting... the perspective is that of a man with his feet on the ground, sharing with us his profound appreciation for light and composition, and his sense of wonder about the world we are so lucky to enjoy for a brief, too short while! ...Joe Parker

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